FB apologizes after locking man's account, saying Air Force photo violated guidelines

A proud father of a U.S. Airman got the boot from Facebook after he says he tried making a post to honor his son (Credit: FOX 46 Charlotte).

Facebook is now apologizing for freezing a local man’s account after he posted an Air Force emblem as his cover photo.

FOX 46 first told you last week that Glen Weiss, of Denver, NC, posted the image on Facebook in honor of his son who is in the Air Force. Weiss told FOX 46 he posted the image several times, but it was removed immediately and his account was frozen. Facebook said at the time the image was violating community standards.

A Facebook spokesperson says the removal was all a mistake and now they are apologizing. In a statement to FOX 46 they said: "The image does not violate our policies and will be restored. We apologize for any inconvenience."

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The Facebook spokesperson added the image of the Air Force logo did not break their community standards and would be restored immediately. They've also taken steps to make sure the issue doesn't happen again.

FOX 46 contacted Glen Weiss to see if his account was back in working order. He told us he added the graphic as his cover photo and it was approved without any issues. He can also now freely post on Facebook again.

Ironically, Weiss posted on Facebook Monday thanking FOX 46 Charlotte for getting results.

Facebook says they believe in giving everyone a voice, but they also want people using the site to feel safe. That’s why they have community standards in place and they intend to removed anything that violates them.