FBI investigating Congressman Robert Pittenger's business

Congressman Robert Pittenger's real estate company is being investigated by the FBI.

The FBI has been probing the real estate company since April. On the company website Pittenger's wife is listed as the CEO of Pittenger Land Investments, despite that Pittenger says he has no direct involvement with the company and hasn't managed it since taking office. 

"I can tell you everything that has been done, has been done with greatest integrity and I have no concerns whatsoever," Pittenger said.

The FBI is not commenting on the probe at this time. FOX 46 asked Pittenger why a federal probe would be launched but he wouldn't speculate, he insisted on no wrongdoing.

Pittenger says he expects the probe to be over soon and released the following statement: "The government has requested information and we are very happy to provide it. Our business and personal affairs have always been conducted with integrity and we look forward to resolving the matter as I continue my work in Washington on behalf of the people of North Carolina’s 9th District.”