Feed the world: Union County students pack meals to combat world hunger

Bag by bag, students in Union County spent the day packing more than 50,000 meals for families in Nicaragua and around the world.

"To go help some people who definitely need it more than us," said Union Academy Student Molly Jones.

The students ended up packing 52, 488 meals total.

"We'll ship about 90 percent of our food to Nicaragua," said Servants With A Heart Co-Founder Suzanne Yoh.  "The other ten percent, we'll keep here in the greater Charlotte area."

"Servants With A Heart" was launched in 2011 and helps feed families in need around the world.

"It's a pretty remarkable thing to go experience what it's like when these kids get to eat," said Yoh.

"I personally really enjoy it," said Jones.  "And I think it's really good to give back to our community."

Each bag packed holds six servings of food.

"If a child has one cup of that a day-- obviously they'll still be hungry, but that's enough for their brain to develop and their bodies to grow properly," said Yoh.  "And for a lot of these kids-- that's all they get."

Students also decorated boxes with messages of love and hope, which will end up being the walls of some people's homes.

"I think it's a great opportunity for Union Academy to get together and help people far away," said Student Emily Kistler.

This Friday, Servants With A Heart will cross its 14 million meal mark.