Fifth person arrested in NC election fraud investigation

A fifth person has been arrested in connection to the ballot fraud investigation in the 9th Congressional District election.

Rebecca D. Thompson turned herself in at the Bladen Coutnu Sheriff's Office Thursday, authroities said. She was charged with consirpacy to commit felonious obstruction of justice and possession of absentee ballot.

Four other people have already been taken into custody on charges stemming from the 2016 and 2018 primaries for illegally collecting absentee ballots. 

Tonia Gordon and Matthew Matthis were taken into custody on Tuesday for possessing absentee ballots in Bladen County. Hours before, Caitlyn Croom was arrested in New Hanover county for the same thing.

According to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations, the three of them were associated with McCrae Dowless, who was arrested last week following a hearing with the State Board of Elections.

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Reports say Dowless would pay people to pick up absentee ballots from voters in Bladen County and the votes were tilted toward Republican Mark Harris. 


This story was reported on from Charlotte, NC.