Filing begins for new primary in District 9

Monday was a big day in District 9. Filing has begun for the new primary, giving us a clearer look at who exactly will be facing off in the new race.

It's clear who intends to file, but so far, only three have made it official. Union County Commissioner Stony Rushing and former Marshville town manager Fern Shubert have put their names in for the Republican primary. Jeffery Scott is running for the Libertarian party. 

Democrat Dan McCready has yet to file, but made it clear that he will run again.

I’m running in the special election to represent the people of the ninth district," he said.

His former opponent Republican Mark Harris, will not. Harris threw his support to union county commissioner Stony Rushing who has made no bones about his reasons for running.

“My intention was for Mark Harris to be my congressman, and when that was stolen from us, now it's my intention to punish the people that stole it,” Rushing said.

Also on the list on the Republican side is former Mecklenburg County Commissioner Matthew Ridenhour and Stevie Rivenbank of Fayetteville.

FOX 46 had previously reported that police officer David Blackwelder had planned to run, but he dropped out over the weekend.

The election was ordered after the state board found irregularities and reports of election fraud to be valid.

Anyone who wants to run for the congressional seat, can from now until Friday, March 15. The primary itself will be May 14.

The general election is set for September 10. If there needs to be a runoff, that will push the general election to November.