Fire chief says resurfaced highway is causing dozens of crashes

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) - A busy stretch of highway in Gaston County is posing a danger for drivers. A local fire chief says it’s only a matter of time before someone is killed.

When it rains, the fire chief at Lucia Riverbend Fire Department says they respond to two to three calls along Brookshire Boulevard near the Lincoln County line.

“People hydroplane all the time and they get into that fence or run off the shoulder and hit the guardrail,” said Chief David Toomey from the Lucia Riverbend Fire Department.

Toomey says he was there as his firefighters cut the driver out of his mangled car along Brookshire Boulevard south.

FOX 46 photographer Brian Christiansen pulled up to the crash and called 911. The driver broke one of his legs, but is expected to be ok. Toomey believes the crash is a direct result of the weather, specifically heavy rain.

“The surface is holding water. In some places you may have two inches of water standing,’ said Toomey.

An NCDOT spokesperson says the stretch of Brookshire Boulevard was resurfaced within the last year. Since then, Chief Toomey says his department has responded to 38 accidents.

“Which is more than we run in a 3 year period,” said Toomey.

Thousands of drivers use the stretch of road heading to and from Uptown Charlotte. FOX 46 reached out to NCDOT to get results. A spokesperson says so far they haven’t received any complaints about poor drainage, but if a complaint is filed they’re willing to look into the matter.