Fire engulfs school bus in Pineville, authorities investigating

CMS leaders will be meeting on Wednesday to discuss recent issues with school buses, including another fire on a Charlotte-Mecklenburg School bus Tuesday afternoon.

Fire crews worked to put out a massive school bus fire in Pineville on Tuesday. The fire happened along Downs Road. No students were on board. The only person onboard the bus was the driver and she was able to get out without any injuries.

Workers from a nearby manufacturing plant were able to capture video of the school bus on fire through their security camera system.

They rushed outside with fire extinguishers but it was no match for the fierce blaze.

Flames and smoke took over the bus within minutes. The driver reported issues with the bus before it caught fire. She was able to get out without any injuries.

Charlotte Fire Department crews arrived on scene within minutes to put out the flames, and investigators quickly took over the scene, taking pictures and examining the bus.

They said it's still unclear what caused the fire.

"It looks like the fire originated in the engine compartment and spread into the drivers area. Right now, it remains under investigation until we have all representatives together to look into it deeper,” David Williams with the Charlotte Fire Department said. 

Investigators said it's too early to tell if Tuesday's bus fire is linked to others this year.