Firefighters battle dozens of brush fires across NC

Just this week, firefighters have responded to more than a hundred brush fires in North Carolina.

"They just drove up and walked up and some came from over this way and I was like 'oh my gosh what have I done? Am I going to be arrested?'" said neighbor Cherri Moran.

Shepherd firefighters were called to Rankin Hill Road in Troutman for a fire. When they arrived they discovered Cherri Moran was conducting a controlled burn in her backyard. 

"Unfortunately a neighbor thought my house was burning down and called the fire department,” Moran said. 

So far this month 124 wildfires have burned at least 114 acres across the state. The state forest service says on Wednesday alone there were 30 brush fires.

"I have my hose right here and also as I was blowing the leaves, I noticed that the underneath part was moist and all wet so I knew that I could keep it under control."

In Statesville, Cool Springs firefighters were called to Mills Garden Road where a man smoking out a beehive started a fire and burned part of a corn field plus 50 feet of woods. The fire chief says low humidity, dry weather and high winds helped the fire grow.

"I’ll hose it down and keep an eye on it all evening." 

Firefighters say if you're unsure of how to control a fire-- call them before starting one.  

"So I was like whew, very happy to know that I got an a plus on my fire."