First summer ends on a positive note for Ramsey Creek Beach

The fist summer season is ending on a positive note for the beach at Ramsey Creek despite some ups and downs.

Anna Kirkland is the site supervisor for Ramsey Creek Beach and says the first summer has been a huge success.

 “We have had all kinds of individuals out here, all different ages, all different groups,” Kirkland said.  It has been a great summer out here.”

The public beach had issues early on with parking and traffic. Neighbors we spoke to say much of the problem resolved itself when a shuttle bus started to take beachgoers to and from the shore line.

“I see the bus coming in and out all the time, there is never a hold up; there is never a traffic line,” a beachgoer said. “People seem to get on and off with no problem. I think it has been an absolute plus.”

With the season coming to an end, park officials will now focus on next summer.

“After today we will be going back to the drawing boards to make sure we can make some improvements and make Ramsey Creek a better park,” Kirkland said.