Flag poles damaged at Indian Trail VFW

Flagpoles were damaged at the VFW in Indian Trail Sunday or Monday night. The organization puts the American flags up for ceremonies throughout the year, and they had lined the driveway for recent Veteran’s Day events. 

“This is something we fought for. This is something we believe in," VFW post 2423 Commander Tim Woods said. “It's just a little disheartening and felt a little violated basically by it. 

Two flag poles were run over at the VFW.

“It's like a safe haven for veterans and when you see this happen, it's like now you're infringing on our space," Woods said. 

“You could actually see the tire treads on the pipe right there. We've been walking around a lot, but you can see them on the dirt right there also.”

Woods says the vandals must have hit sometime between Sunday night and Tuesday afternoon. 

“Whoever did it-- just come forward,” Woods asked. 

They just want an apology. 

“We'll find out what happened if somebody just comes forward and explains what happened we're willing to listen to what happened,” said Woods.

They still want to know why someone would mow down the flag that so many sacrificed their lives for-- all to keep it standing. 

“If it was intentional, accidental-- to us it's just a little disrespectful that our flag would be treated like this.” 

The commander says the American flags never touched the ground. The poles were at a 45° angle when they found them. The post plans to replace the poles, and hopefully they'll find out who destroyed them. 

They've filed a report with the Union County Sheriff's Office.