Fleeing suspects get shot at by their victim in Lincolnton

Christian Carpenter is charged with assault causing serious bodily injury. ( Lincoln County PD )

A fleeing suspect was shot at by his victim on Friday in Lincoln County during an altercation that escalated quickly, officials say.

Officers responded to calls Friday afternoon regarding a vehicle being shot into in Lincolnton near 800 NC Highway 18. Deputies found a man in the Vale Hardware parking lot bleeding from the head, mouth, and nose.

An initial investigation revealed that individuals from separate cars arrived in the lot and an altercation ensued. Lawndale resident Rhyan Arnett was knocked to the ground with a head injury was taken to Cleveland Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Connelly Springs resident Christopher Saylor, 30, is being charged with firing a gun into a moving vehicle. Christian Carpenter, 20, who was one of the occupants of the fleeing vehicle, is being charged with causing serious bodily injury.

Christopher Saylor is charged with firing into a moving vehicle. (Lincoln county PD)

The fleeing vehicle was shot at causing the back window to shatter, according to the police report.