Flights delayed due to wet weather across the South

Bad weather caused major delays and cancellations at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport on Friday. 

"It is very frustrating," passenger Morgan Harrington said. 

More than a half dozen flights were canceled and more than 100 flights were delayed.

"If you want to reschedule a flight that we canceled on you it's going to be $600 bucks," a disabled veteran who was traveling said.

"We never check our bags so we never worry about that we're just wanting to get home because we had to miss work today, we can't work remote so, and we want to get home to our dog," said Harrington.

 Her flight was scheduled to fly out Thursday, but it still hadn't come in. 

"We're told the weather, cancellations, connecting flights, so they're canceling all of the flights and they're just going to rebook us on the next available flight," Harrington said.

Despite piles of bags still waiting to be claimed and long lines some say you just have to pack your patience. 

"Whenever you travel you have to put your mind at ease and go with the flow. You know you've got to be cool. I've slept in the airport a couple times it's not too much fun but you've got to be safe up there and the airlines are keeping you safe right," another passenger told FOX 46.

Travelers hitting the roads are also being effected by heavy rainfall. Highway 18 in Chesterfield is closed due to flooding. 

Residents in Catawba County were encouraged to evacuate late Friday evening as heavy rain caused water levels to rise, and Duke Energy is also advising those living near Lake Norman and Mountain Island Lake to be vigilant as levels continue to rise to flood stage.