Food truck stolen from behind Charlotte strip mall

Have you seen a red trailer around town? The owners of the popular food truck are searching for it after it was taken. 

“Someone literally stole the whole food truck,” owner Anthony Denning. "It provides 95 percent of our income."

The men are devastated after they say their business-- and livelihood-- was stolen from them.

“Yesterday we went to go check on the food truck like normal and pretty much it was gone,” Denning told FOX 46. 

The 225 Street Food trailer went missing from behind a strip mall on West Woodlawn road this week. 

“They didn't get the generator or propane tank-- they stole the whole entire trailer,” said Denning. 

The cinder blocks that held it still remain grounded on the pavement, but the truck is nowhere to be found.

The owners say the trailer cost them about $45,000, not to mention the countless hours of work they put into getting it up and running. 

“We put everything we had into this, literally everything. I'm talking about days of no sleep, working nonstop,”  co-owner Rob Knight said. 

The food truck was operational from July through October, but since then, the owners have been checking on it periodically. It was there when the men last checked on Monday, Jan. 21. 

“People don’t realize it's deeper than a food truck itself. We lost equipment, a safe, inventory, a lot of different things outside a truck and ultimately we lost our dream in the process,” Denning said. 

They reached out to their insurance company, and were upset by what they found out. 

"They don't cover thefts, so that's another issue we now have to deal with," said Denning. 

The business owners are frustrated and disappointed, left without their main source of income.  

"At the end of the day, you took my place of work and my place of business," Knight said. "If you have any kind of heart, you’ll bring my truck back."

In the meantime, the owners are working at a pop up kitchen at Seventh Street Market in uptown.

“I just hope we get it back and I hope we get it in the condition it was left in,” Denning said. 

You can help get results: If you have any information on where their trailer might be or who took it, call police. You can also spread the word by sharing this Facebook post.