Football players arrested after violent assault at Stuart Cramer High School

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Two teens charged have been charged in high school locker room fight.

A locker room brawl inside Stuart Cramer High School ends with two teens going to jail and a third recovering from injuries. The fight happened around lunch time inside the locker room as some students went to change clothes.

The disturbing video shows two teens punching and kicking another. The video lasts for about 30 seconds and is now part of the criminal investigation. Several teens can be seen in the locker room and some of them move out of the way. At least two of them pull out cell phones to record the fight.

Denorrian Lindsay, 17, and Kaiser Kayton, 17, were both charged with misdemeanor simple assault. One student who recorded the video says the fight stemmed from something that was posted on social media.

The video has been shared on social media and seen by many.

A spokesperson for Gaston County Schools says the school is addressing the issue and working with police. Due to privacy, the school cannot say what type of punishment the two boys will be facing.

In a statement, according to the Student Code of Conduct if a student abuses, assaults or harms another student the consequences range from in-school disciplinary action to up to 10 days of out-of-school suspension, alternative placement, and/or long-term suspension, and law enforcement may be involved.

As for the legal trouble they are in, the two will go before a judge on November 15.