Former Gaston County student sells t-shirts featuring assistant principal's mugshot

A Gaston County man is making money off of an assistant principal's arrest by selling t-shirts to students featuring her mugshot. 

Lisa Rothwell is charged with six felony accounts of sex offense with a student. Her mugshot has been circulating across the internet, but one former student decided to capitalize on it, creating t-shirts that he's now selling to students at Stuart W. Cramer High School where she worked. 

"Yeah, she would be disappointed," former student Cameron Tony said.

He tells FOX 46 that the shirts have not gone over well with school administrators when some students wore them on Thursday and that they were asking students to take them off. 

A sobbing Rothwell appeared in a Gaston County courtroom Friday, where her bond was reduced from $1 million to $100,000. Her attorney says this incident doesn't define her. 


"It that mistake is there and if there's a crime there, that doesn't negate all the good that a person has done," the attorney said. 

Former students also showed up to court to support her. 

"If Mrs. Rothwell hadn't been there for me when I was going through a lot of stuff, I probably wouldn't be here today," one student said. 

But she is accused of serious crime, one which many do not believe deserves much leniency. 

"Some people think she should just immediately go to prison," Tony said. 

Tony says he has no regrets about making the t-shirts. 

"She'd probably think it's really disrespectful," Tony said, but he maintains that he's comfortable with his decision to sell the shirts. 

We still don't know the name of the victim in this case, but Gaston County police say they were tipped off to the alleged sexual encounter between Rothwell and the student through messages on Twitter.