Former governor, Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory remembers Billy Graham

North Carolina’s former governor reflecting on the reverend today. Pat McCrory says he texted Graham's son this morning, thanking him for sharing his father with the world. 

Today he told FOX 46’s Matt Grant that Graham would hate all this attention, saying he'd rather the spotlight be on God.

“He is where he wants to be he's in heaven next to his wife,” McCrory said.

Former Governor and Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory calls Reverend Billy graham the most important person to ever come from North Carolina.

“Be proud Billy Graham called Charlotte North Carolina home. He had a heck of an impact on tens of millions of people throughout the world,” said McCrory.

Now a radio talk show host, he gets emotional talking about Graham's death and what his life meant to him.

“I like millions of people throughout the world was devastated. I've been expecting this for months but from a selfish standpoint I miss him already.” 

For more than a decade, during his time in office, Graham became a spiritual counselor to McCrory, including when he signed HB-2 into law and the fallout from the controversial bathroom bill.

“He reached out to help people at their lowest pints including me as governor when I was going through difficult times he prayed with me. I prayed with him and it'll be a moment I never forget until my last breath.” 

McCrory says America's pastor taught him about being humble and finding a greater purpose in life.

“His actions spoke louder than his words through his modesty through his strength through his wisdom and that's something we should all take from his life not from his death,” McCrory said.