Former Hickory police officer found guilty of using unreasonable force

Courtesy: WSIC

A former Hickory police officer who was fired after he was accused of yanking a woman out of her car and slamming her face-first to the ground has been found guilty of using unreasonable force against her.

On Friday, Jan. 18, the Hickory Police Department released a statement saying they will not be releasing or commenting on the video that reportedly shows Officer Robert George's actions on November 11, 2013 due to an onging civil lawsuit, and a protective order signed by a judge.

George was arrested on April 23, 2018 on federal charges in connection to the 2013 incident involving Chelsea Doolitte. 

The Justice Department said George injured Chelsea Doolittle in 2013 while arresting her for disorderly conduct. Security video and testimony revealed he picked her up and slammed her to the ground, giving her a concussion, breaking her nose and damaging her teeth.

He was placed on paid administrative leave the day after the assault occurred, and was fired on March 18, 2014 following an investigation by NC SBI and the Hickory Police Department. 

George’s defense team argued that she slipped from his grasp.Doolittle sued the city and George, who was fired.

News outlets report a federal jury returned a split verdict Thursday against former Hickory police officer Robert George. He was found not guilty of falsifying a report.He now awaits sentencing.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.