Former Union County Board of Education member charged with fraud

A former Union County and North Carolina Board of Education member has been charged with fraud following allegations she falsified reports and other documents for over a year, state investigators announced Tuesday.

Marcella Ramirez Savage, 42, of Waxhaw, is accused of "double dipping" and obtaining repairs for her private vehicle between May 10, 2013 and September 18, 2014,  according to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations. Savage, who at one point served on both boards at the same time, is accused of filing reimbursements for single items with both boards simultaneously. She served on the Union County Board of Education through early 2015. She resigned from the state Board of Education in 2014.

She expected to appear in court on September 25 to face two counts of swearing falsely to official reports, two counts of obtaining repairs and supplies for private a vehicle, and one count of enforcement of local government finance.