Fort Mill community hopes for change on busy road where teen was hit, killed

A 14-year-old hit by a car in Fort Mill over the weekend has passed away and community members are now calling for change on the busy road where the tragic crash happened. 

Flowers and a cross sit at the spot where 14-year-old Bryan Orkofsky was hit by a car on Valentine's Day. His family says on a GoFundMe page he was a friend to all and ready to help, always. 

Saturday morning, the teen died in a Charlotte hospital with his mother by his bedside. Community members are offering their condolences in the wake of the heartbreaking accident. 

"Our hearts are with you and we're praying for you and I'm sorry it had to happen," neighbor Eric Ransone said. 

The memorial on Pleasant Road is growing as strangers come to pay their respects. 


The stretch of road where Orkofsky was hit is near Pleasant Knoll Middle and Elementary schools. 

"I go on this road almost every single day on my way home and on the way to school and there are definitely people who speed through this road. I wasn't surprised that someone would get hit on this road," said Lindsey Hubbard. 

Hubbard is a senior at Fort Mill High where Orkofsky was a freshman. She says she didn't know him personally, but she's hoping this tragedy prompts a speed limit change on this road.

"Everyone in this town cares and hopefully something can be stopped in this road. Hopefully, we can limit the speed limit because people have been threatened to get hit by a car before. I'm sorry for their loss," she said. 

Police are still investigating. So far, there are no outstanding charges against the driver, but drivers are hoping the crash will encourage people to slow down and be more cautious.


"I don't know what happened and how it happened but people around here are always in a rush. They're very distracted with their phones. I don't know if that happened here," Ransone said. "I'd like to offer thoughts, prayers, and support to the driver of the vehicle that hit the boy and their family and loved ones as well. One life was lost but several lives were changed forever."