Fort Mill neighbors concerned about convicted serial killer living next door

Neighbors in Fort Mill are on edge, knowing that a convicted serial killer now lives next door to them. 

Back in the 80's, Catherine Wood was convicted of killing five women at a nursing home. The story of her and her killer girlfriend made national headlines and was turned into a book, documentary, and a TV show.

Wood was released from prison Thursday after spending the last three decades there. 

For some, her story may be familiar, but for many we spoke with, it was a shock to know she's now living here.

Wood didn’t have anything to say as she arrived at her sister’s home, but she lives in infamy for her involvement in the deaths of her victims, who all suffered from Alzheimer’s or dementia. 

“That’s spooky, a serial killer, a pathological person like that, it's not easily cured,” one neighbor said. 


He didn't want to be identified, but lives just down the road from where wood lives now.

“I’m probably going to look up my 9mm, and I rarely set my alarm at night, I might just start doing that.” 

Wood and her accomplice, Gwendolyn Graham, were labeled 'The Lethal Lovers' after the suffocating the women at the nursing home where they worked as aides. 

Wood testified against Graham, saying Graham killed the women, while she was on the look-out, but investigators believe Wood was the mastermind.

"She's a serial killer and she could do it again, and most of them do,” said retired detective Roger Kaliniak. 

Wood's parole had been denied eight previous times. The victim’s families in Michigan say she showed no remorse, and that should make anyone worry.

"I’m glad she's not coming back here, but on the other side of the coin, I sympathize with the people that are going to be living around her, wherever she goes,” said John Engman, a relative of one of the victims.  

But more than 30 years after the crime, she's out. When we dropped by the neighborhood where Wood now lives, many still didn't know about their new neighbor, but there is a very big sense of concern.

“I’ll be taking extra security measures definitely.” 

People we spoke with in that neighborhood are surprised about not being informed about this and so are Fort Mill police. We're told they didn't even know until after it happened.