Fort Mill neighbors find small homeless camp in neighborhood

In the woods behind Manors at Lake Ridge housing community in Fort Mill, there’s a path where people often go running or walking. Recently, one neighbor found a miniature camp outfitted with tents, cots, chairs, and trash.

“If it's somebody who needs help then it's something we want to know about,” said neighbor Brittany Ransonet. “We can help them if there's a shelter need,” she said, “or if it's something else going on that might be more negative, we need to know about that too.”

Neighbors have been wondering who would set up a camp in the neighborhood that’s a bit tucked away from the hustle and bustle.

“It was just weird to find those tents in the neighborhood, I guess,” said neighbor Rajshi Shah.

A few who live in the area loaded up a pickup truck with stuff and hauled it off.

More so, they’re hoping whoever is or was living there is doing OK.

“Are they OK?” wondered Shah, “because I've also heard there are coyotes and everything in the neighborhood, so just want to make sure they're safe.”

A few who live in the area loaded up a pickup truck with stuff and hauled it off. One of them told FOX 46 it looked like the person(s) abandoned the site a while ago. Some think construction workers in the area were living there. Others think the tents belonged to someone homeless.

Shah said, “Well, the police told one of the neighbors that it was just random kids that ran away from their home or something.”


FOX 46 reached out to Fort Mill Police to see if they know who set up the camp, which has since been cleaned up.