Fort Mill restaurant accused of being racially insensitive

New video obtained by Fox 46 shows the aftermath of an encounter at Captain Steve's Family Seafood Restaurant in Fort Mill on June 1.

The family calling themselves the #FortMill16 says they were there to celebrate a 72-year-old veterans birthday. They are accusing the restaurant of making them leave and making racist remarks.

"They were just trying to sit down and trying to eat and then it erupted to being challenged by a waitress over and over again to in my words she almost provoked them," said family spokesperson John Barnett.

 "The 16 members of the family basically said the waitress said 'we don't want your black dollar,' which is very harsh and a harsh act to do and then later asked to leave by the owner," he said.

Barnett says he believes somewhere in the new video released  is where that phrase was said.

"One waitress in particular, she is in a blue shirt while Captain Steve and another waitress is talking to the family. She goes over his shoulder so to speak and says something and because of the sound you can’t really hear it, but we know something was said in a negative manner," said Barnett.

We would not be rallying and holding press conferences for nothing. Somebody said something to upset this family and a 72-year-old veteran. We see her being moved back from another waitress as if to say calm down, and then she comes again to do the same thing over again, so the video displayed from the law firm does not show the whole picture," he said. 

Barnett is now calling for action of not just the waitress but the owner as well.

"We now have to zoom in on the owner and find out why he didn't do what he was supposed to do whether it's discipline. He needs to be fired and discipline needs to take place. He's literally dismissing anything that happened."

In a lengthy statement posted of their Facebook page earlier in the week, Captain Steve's addressed the incident. In part, he said:

"We give our solemn word that if our investigation showed any improper conduct not only would it have been dealt with immediately, but we would have come to the community on bended knee seeking forgiveness.”

On the controversy about the "black dollar" comment, he said:

"The truth is that the first time any mention of money is made is when they were asked to leave. Someone else in the group can be heard to say they don't want our black dollars, not any person affiliated with Captain Steve's."