Fort Mill teacher planned to distribute child pornography, feds say

A former Fort Mill teacher is accused of planning to distribute child pornography, according to federal authorities.

"In this community, it's definitely shocking news,” Madison McClung said. 

Eric Hartley was arrested on Thursday, Feb. 28, and has resigned from his position as a computer science teacher at Fort Mill High School. 

"Things like this shouldn't be around children anywhere. Like I said, my daughter's a teacher, and it just looks bad for all teachers," Michael Lopez said. 

He was taken into cucstody by federal authorities after the Eastern District of Virginia alleged that he had planned to distribute the illicit materials. 

"He should be in jail forever. Nobody should be allowed on the street if they do that it's just disgusting. Especially running someone's life by doing something like that and ruining your life more than that," said Dylan Bearden.

He's being detained and has a preliminary hearing set for Tuesday, March 5. 

"Even as someone who's not a parent it's still very concerning. You have to wonder what kind of background checks go on and whether or not this person had any previous history pf this type of activity that would have shown up on a background check," David Foster told FOX 46. 

Conspiracy to distribute child pornography carries a mandatory minimum of five years in prison and up to 20 years. Offenders are also reqquired to pay a $250,000 fine, and five years to a lifetime of supervised release following imprisonment. 

"I would absolutely be wanting to talk to my kids about what had happened and see what their involvement if there had been involvement, what they had heard, hopefully explain that not everybody is like that but maybe warning signs to look out for," another Fort Mill enighbor said. 

The Fort Mill School district says they have not been contacted by law enforcement at this time, and canont comment on any investigation.