FOX 46 gets results for customer claiming shoddy repair work

George Carroll is just one of more than half a dozen unhappy customers we’ve interviewed; all of them say they paid for repair work that the repairman never completed.

On Friday, FOX 46 anchor Morgan Frances tracked down John Jackson, who promised to refund customers’ money if we provided him their information.

Monday, George Carroll cashed two checks from John Jackson for the total amount of almost $1,000.


“You knocking on his door and getting him to talk, I think he came to his senses and came up with the entire amount, $967,” Carroll said. He continued, “It was good that you and I were communicating back and forth on this. I think it put additional pressure on him because in one of his texts, he said, 'I knew FOX 46 is coming back.’”

There are still several other customers who are waiting for a refund. Since we aired our latest story, more people have come forward saying they were taken by John Jackson.

If the details in this story sound familiar, please reach out to Morgan Frances at

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