FOX46 contest winner uses $100 gift card to buy toys for children

What would you do if you won a $100 gift card? Well one FOX 46 Charlotte contest winner chose to use her winnings in a very unexpected way. 

She's no Mr. Claus...more of Santa's helper. Viewer Carol Pietras arrived to FOX 46 Charlotte with bags to donate to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Toy Drive. 

Pietras won a $100 gift card to Walmart in the FOX 46 Holiday Giveaway contest, and then did something remarkable. 

"I had to pat it forward and what better way than to give it to the kids," she said. 

Pietras decided to "give away" her winnings instead of keeping it for herself. 

"I was having fun. I was acting like a big kid in there. I was like 'ohhhh this, this, this, and this," Pietras said. 

Using the gift card and some of her own money, she went on a mission to get results for local children and families. 

"Christmas is about children and having fun and getting toys, and waking up to things you wouldn't never get," she said. 

Pietras doesn't have kids of her own, but said working with special needs children helps her understand the need. Even though she won't be there Christmas morning, she knows she's making a difference. 

"It makes me feel good knowing that their going to be warm and happy and have a smile on their face," she said.