Foxx announces $25M grant for new train station

A new state of the art train station may soon be coming to Uptown.

U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Foxx announced a $25 million grant project Thursday to help build a new Amtrak station hub.

The hub would be at the corner of South Graham and West Fourth Street.

Foxx says a shift to "rail" is a smart move for growth. And plenty in Charlotte say they'd take advantage of it.

Foxx believes a centralized Amtrak station, replacing the current setup a few miles outside of Uptown, will make Charlotte more desirable.

The project could cost up to $200 million. Many Charlotte business leaders believe the money will be there.

Foxx is hoping to start in18 months. He says it will take state ad local officials along with private investors to complete the funding.

If it is impossible to come up with the money Foxx says the grant could go somewhere else.