Frenchmen among Paris suicide bombers

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Three of the seven suicide bombers killed in the Paris attacks were French citizens, as was at least one of the seven other people arrested in neighboring Belgium suspected of links to the attacks.

A French police official confirmed that the suicide attacker identified by a skin sample had been living in a Paris suburb.

A Belgian official said two of the seven suicide bombers were French men living in Brussels, and among those arrested was another French citizen living in the Belgian capital.

The new information highlighted growing fears of possible homegrown terrorism in France, a country that has exported more jihadis than any other in Europe.

As of Sunday, the people of France have entered day three of mourning for 129 people killed because they went out on a Friday night.

Streets, parks and stores were unusually empty for such a mild, clear day, and several city monuments were closed because of security reasons or to express grief.
Some Parisians and tourists defied the high security, walking past heavily armed soldiers in body armor to take pictures beneath the Eiffel Tower.
Survivors who endured two hours of being held hostage by suicide bombers at the Bataclan concert hall, initially silent after the ordeal, have started sharing their memories.

Julien Pearce, journalist at Europe 1 radio, said, "It took me few seconds to realize it was gunshots."
Pearce and his friends crawled into a tiny dark room next to the stage where he could see one of the assailants.

"He seemed very young," Pearce said. "That's what struck me: his childish face, very determined, cold, calm, frightening."