Friendship Nine Return Back to Court to Have Records Cleared

On January 31st, 1961 ten students from Friendship College walked into McCrory's Five and Dime, sat at the lunch counter and do what most people do when they're hungry- order lunch.

Instead of burgers and fries… the men were dragged off the stools and thrown in jail.

All ten of the men were convicted of trespassing and disturbing the peace. One of the men chose to pay a fine to be released from jail, while the other nine chose to serve the thirty day sentence. By choosing to stay in jail, this made the group the first lunch counter protestors to choose jail instead of bail, a movement that swept across the South during the Civil Rights Era.

It's been 54 years since that day happened and the convictions has followed the men ever since.

However, all of that will change on January 28th, 2015. The Friendship Nine will return back to court- this time when they face a judge, the hearing will end with their records being wiped clean.