From protests to politics: Meet Braxton Winston

One of last year's loudest demonstrators in the Uptown protests might soon be your newest city council member.

A self-described "6 foot 4, light skinned black man with a lot of hair and a loud voice,” Braxton Winston may be a familiar name if you were paying attention to last year’s protests in Uptown Charlotte.

Winston was everywhere during the Keith Scott protests thanks to Facebook live.

He was close by when a young protestor, Justin Carr, was shot and killed by a fellow protestor, according to police.

"The whole five minutes surrounding the death of Justin Carr kind of constantly plays in my mind."

It was a chaotic time for the Queen City, full of frustration, fear and anger. FOX 46 Charlotte was there every step of the way and interviewed Winston during the events, but it wasn't the first time.

In November 2015, when Winston’s neighbor was beaten in a rage of domestic violence,  she and her child were left for dead as the house was set on fire. Winston helped rescue them.

That day, FOX 46’s David Sentendrey just happened to mention an upcoming march against domestic violence, and Winston showed up-- his first-ever march, but not his last.

His voice carried past the streets to Charlotte City Council, a group he believes needs him.

"Honestly, it's the most inconvenient thing in my life right now. The system is not set up for people like me to do this.'

In September’s Democratic primary election, Winston won the right to run for council at large this November.

You might not agree with his views. he's not your typical politician and he says if it weren't for the protests, he wouldn't be in this position.

While some may view protestors as thugs and hoodlums, that took advantage of a tragic situation, in Winston’s eyes, he believes the best way to teach them is to represent them.