Frozen pipes cause issues for Cornelius residents

We're finally getting some warmer weather. You could actually go outside without a coat Friday afternoon, but some people are still feeling the effects of the recent freeze.

"I heard drip, drip, drip and all of a sudden I saw water running everywhere," said Bill Dillner who lives in Cornelius.

He says, "we had water running for 45 minutes before we could get it turned off."

It was a frozen pipe that burst two weeks ago. His was one of many that got flooded according to Howard Monteith who owns Emergency Restoration Experts.

"Within a one week period, we had about 135 calls come in for burst pipes. That's four times the typical volume for a company like ours," Monteith said.  

Monteith says Dillner's home is a mild example of the flooding they saw during the freeze.

"We had several jobs that were over half a million dollars in damage. We had three come in within a 48-hour period with multi-unit condos and apartments that - by time they got the water turned off - it had flooded several peoples' homes."

Monteith says things are finally slowing down. Now, they can rip out what got wet and replace it. Like they're doing this Friday in Dillner's home.