Frustration grows along with sinkhole in Denver neighborhood

The sinkhole on Hickory Creek Dr. in Denver continues to get bigger, and as a result, the county removed a makeshift bridge that was out here before the snowstorm began.

According to what the county told FOX 46 on Tuesday, it's going to be left that way for a while.

If it wasn't a problem already trying to get around on the road, the snow and the ice isn't helping.

“It's getting aggravating,” resident Bill Bowen said.

Bowen has been dealing with the sinkhole for the last month. Lincoln county officials did sign off on a temporary bridge to help the community, but it was taken out before the snow came in this past weekend because of concerns the bridge would give out.

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The county says they will not be putting that temporary bridge back.

“Nobody can get across, nobody can do nothing. You have to walk. That's the way it is,” said Bowen.

The private road, once maintained by a homeowner's association which hasn't been in operation for decades. The county says they can help only so much from a legal standpoint, as a result, leaving people in what they say is a dangerous limbo.

“I’m having to take baby steps to go to my car,” neighbor Alison Main says.

She and her neighbors have to use a walking bridge, just put up, to get across.

“If you're low on propane, a propane truck can't even get here,” Main said.

The frustration in the neighborhood is mounting, and the worries continue.

“If you got sick during the night, what's going to happen to you?” Bowen asked.

FOX 46 is told the people that live on the other side of the sinkhole will have a community meeting coming up on Friday to discuss their options, and also what to do about the road.