Fulfilling a Monroe veterans dream

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A Monroe veteran was honored in Washington D.C. on the house floor Wednesday, with a  flag given to his family who made the trip up for the ceremony.

Korean war veteran Garland Denny's vision to help veterans going through tough times started in his Monroe home. 

"I watched the president hand this challenge coin to my father," Chuck, Garland's son said.

Chuck's father was born in a log cabin on a farm. But Garland somehow managed to get the attention of presidents and white house officials.

"I was his wingman. He would count on me to help him make the phone calls, get the website going," Chuck said.

Garland joined the navy in the late 40's and after he served, he never really stopped serving.

Ten years ago, Garland made a goal to help raise funding for local veterans suffering from PTSD by trying to help with their medical expenses.

Garland came up with an idea to try and get the postal office to approve a commemorative stamp and have the proceeds go towards helping the veterans.

Chuck's father didn't live to see his vision come alive. The Monroe veteran passed away last week. And now his son wants to help fulfill his father's longtime dream.

Congressman Robert Pittenger and other members of the house and senate support the veteran stamp project. Chuck is confident the project will be approved.

"We're gonna keep working hard. We're committed to this effort. We've got our congressman committed to helping us," Chuck said.

Chuck's vow, today, is about honoring his father's tireless commitment to helping others in need.

The foundation Garland started is called the "American Veteran Foundation." Thousands of people have already signed the petition, online. A link to the petition can be found here.

Any veteran experiencing PTSD and in need to talk to a professional is encouraged  to call the veterans crisis line at 1-800-273-8255.