Full recovery possible for 9-year-old girl seriously injured in shooting

Nine-year-old Shakeya Jones is getting stronger everyday.

"Look, it's better," she said, while pointing to her injured arm.

The sling on her arm is gone, the boot on her foot has been removed, and the exterior wounds on her body have healed. Several bullets struck her two months ago during a neighborhood shooting.

The incident happened in the early morning hours of January 9 in Statesville on Caldwell Street. Police haven't made any arrests or announced a motive.

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"It really is a blessing to see how far she has came in such a short time," a family member said. 

This week, Shakeya starts physical therapy and is regaining feeling in her injured arm. Her family said it will take six months to a year for her to complete the recovery process. They are optimistic that she'll make a full recovery. 

She's excited to celebrate her 10th birthday next month.

Her family hopes police will be able to get the person responsible behind bars.