Garage sales end in Highland Creek after CMS policy change

Charlotte's Highland Creek Neighborhood is home to more than 10,000 people, making it among one of the most popular neighborhoods in North Carolina.

The neighborhood is also known for something else, amazing garage sales.
"There is probably thousands of people who attend this garage sale and it's offered twice a year," said neighbor, Jill Lord.
Once in the spring and again in the fall the parking lot of the neighborhood CMS school is transformed into a giant yard sale, but now, that tradition is ending.

A policy change approved by CMS last July states that groups can only use school facilities for educational, recreational, civic and cultural activities.  Among the list of activities not allowed includes birthday parties, baby showers, family reunions and garage sales.
"I was really upset because a lot of people count  on that to get rid of their stuff because we are not allowed to have garage sales on our property cause the HOA, so I was upset," said neighbor, Satira Labib.
The troubling change essentially ends any type of garage sale in the Highland Creek Neighborhood, leaving neighbors wondering where their unwanted items will go and how they can snag a great deal.
"I don't know. There is next door neighbor you can sell some things on Craigslist we can always go to other garage sales in the neighborhood but it's not as fun as Highland Creek," said Lord.

CMS hasn't said why there is a change to the policy. The organizers of the garage sale are reportedly looking for a new venue to continue the tradition in the future.