Garry McFadden wins Mecklenburg County Sheriff's race

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Garry McFadden won the race for Mecklenburg County Sheriff on Tuesday, beating out incumbent Irwin Carmichael. 

McFadden, a decorated detective with CMPD for three decades, beat his two opponents in the race for Mecklenburg County Sheriff on Tuesday. 

He took 52 percent of the vote, with former CMPD sergeant turned human resources manager for the City of Charlotte Antoine Ensley in second, and Carmichael coming up in third. 

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Carmichael ran on a platform supporting the controversial 287(g) immigration program, where Mecklenburg County uses a federal database to identify inmates who are undocumented immigrants. Nearly 300 people were deported from Mecklenburg County through ICE last year.

McFadden and Ensley did not support their program, and it's clear which way Mecklenburg County constituents leaned on the issue.

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McFadden took an early lead, stacking up more than 16,000 votes by 9:00 p.m., while incumbent Irwin Carmichael trailed throughout the night with just over 6,000 votes. He conceded to McFadden around 10:00 p.m. 

There's a new sheriff in town, and he has plenty of ideas about what he wants to do in Mecklenburg County. He laid some of them out when he spoke at his Tuesday night watch party. You can see some of what he said below.