Gas Prices could Drop to a $1 in 2016

AAA is predicting the price you pay at the pump could dip even lower this year.

The national average  for gas right now is $1.96. North Carolina is at $1.90 and South Carolina is at $1.72

"Currently there's a glut of crude oil in the market place. And right now, that supply is outweighing the demand," Tiffany Wright, with AAA said, "That's why we're seeing prices continue to be low."

Wright says because of supply and demand some regions will reach the $1 mark and drivers are hoping that price comes to the Carolinas.

AAA says less gas prices means more drivers on the road which could mean more wear and tear on the roadways.

Fox 46 asked NCDOT if this would mean more money for the road repair fund and they responded with the following statement.

"If lower gas prices encourage more people to drive or to drive longer distances than normal, then NCDOT could see additional motor fuel tax revenue."

Drivers say lower gas prices means more money to spend on other important things.

"When I think they can't go any lower. They go lower. It's a great time to be filling up," Wright said.

AAA prices will temporarily pick up around spring time, it could go up anywhere from 50 cents to higher.