Gas pumps compromised at Indian Trail 7-Eleven

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The Union County Sheriff's Office is warning the public to check their credit/bank cards after multiple gas pumps were found to be compromised at a local 7-Eleven. 

Investigators say at least two gas pumps were compromised at the 7-Eleven in Indian Trial, located in the 300 block of Unionville-Indian Trail Road.

The discovery was made Friday morning by an employee who was performing routine maintenance on the pumps. Investigators say the employee discovered the seals on the pump had been tampered with and found "unusual data ribbon cables attached to the pump's data board."-

"It's a concern for everyone because it can happen to anybody and it's very simple for people to intercept skimmers which are the more common method. People are becoming smarter using the data cables that are more difficult to conceal but more difficult to identify," said Tony Underwood with the Union County Sheriff's Office. 

Deputies say they are not aware of any credit/debit cards that might have been intercepted, but encourage anyone who bought fuel at the station to check their credit card or bank card activity.