Gaston County family worried for missing teen's safety

Windy Bradley-Dalton would do anything to have her child, Dennis Dalton, back.

"My kid is out there somewhere; we don't know where," Bradley- Dalton said. 

Dalton ran away on Tuesday leaving a letter saying he was sorry for causing so much trouble.  Dalton recently came out on his YouTube channel.

"I am transgender female to male. I’ve been having struggle with this because of religious beliefs and my parents are against it and I’m terrified to tell them," Dennis Dalton said on his YouTube page. 

Bradley-Dalton says the news has thrown the family dynamic for a loop but she says they are trying to understand.

"You just can't flip a switch and all of the sudden start calling a daughter of 17 years, A son. It doesn't work that way for us and I’m trying to understand, I’m trying to do research and I’m trying to figure out what I can do to help," Bradley-Dalton said. 

The family fears Dalton could be in some danger. Dalton is getting help from people he's only met online and possibly heading to Michigan. The family fears they could’ve be people trying to take advantage of him. 

"We don't care who is helping her. That's not important to us. What we want to know is that my child is safe," Bradley-Dalton said. 

Bradley hopes someone has seen Dennis around but wants to make sure he gets the message that they want him back home.

"Nothing can ever change the face we love you. We might always understand but we do try you just have to give us a chance," Bradley-Dalton said. 

Dennis Dalton legal name is Julia Dalton. He’s 5’5” and weights 160lbs. If you have any information you are asked to call Gaston county police at (704) 866-3391.