Gaston County jeweler crashes after being shot in attempted robbery

A Gaston County jeweler is in the hospital after he was shot and his car crashed during an attempted robbery. Neighbors and shoppers say Sonny Horne is a man known for his faith.

The Cramerton community is continuing to pray for Horne’s recovery. On Friday, they left posters, flowers, and get well cards outside his Market Street store. 

“Just to show the respect he has and that we have for him,” said Elliot Granados. “How much he has done for Cramerton.”

Lowell Police say Sonny Horne was shot during an attempted robbery in his company’s van that then crashed into a neighborhood sign on Riverview Drive near Lowell Elementary School. 

“We had just seen him that morning so it was really heart stopping,” said Scarlett Righter who works at Food Lion in the same shopping center. It’s a messed up world.”

Horne was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Neighbors say the car crash could have endangered others. 

“Guns are not the answer but the people behind the guns is even worse,” said Crystal Parker. “People need to think before they do something.”

Now they pray for a man known for his faith, as police try to find the gunman.

“He was a really sweet man every time he came into Food Lion,” said Righter.  “But that’s what I’ve been wondering myself: who?” Obviously it was planned.”