Gaston County man tries to kidnap 10-year-old girl, police say

A man accused of trying to kidnap a 10-year-old girl is in jail after neighbors helped take him down before police got him. Timothy Varner is now charged with attempted kidnapping in Gaston County. 

The family tells FOX 46 Charlotte the Gaston County District Attorney has asked to speak with the little girl and the family plans to file a restraining order.

10-year-old Dezaria can now sleep soundly knowing the man who tried to kidnap her is behind bars. But what happened last Friday was her mother’s worst nightmare.

"We were walking our dog I was over at the dumpster across the street,” said Shiloh Marsengill. "When I turned around the guys reaching like this to grab my youngest daughter pulling her by her apron and my oldest daughter snatched my youngest daughter and told her to run!"

"I felt scared I didn't know who he was," said Dezaria.

Her mother has seen Varner lurking on Ware Avenue before. He’s even threatened to take the little girl.

"He came back up our road and stopped by our porch and said 'it's okay I'll be back I'll get her,’” said Marsengill.

When he did come back, the Gaston County family wasn’t letting him get away: "(My sister) and I started screaming 'that's him that's him!' and our neighbor went after him and get him cornered at Jakobs."

Neighbors jumped into their cars, following the attacker to a nearby convenience store a couple minutes away from their home.

"As soon as we started yelling as soon as the neighbors realized what was going on, everyone pulled together," said Heather Marsengill Brown. "We got down there and we got this man and he is off the street and I thank God.”

The Gaston County mother is thankful her family is still in-tact.

"It's heart wrenching to think that he could have grabbed my child and took her and I would have never seen her again,” said Maresengill. “It’s heartbreaking."