Gaston County woman dealing with ‘hell' house, rental company won't help, she says

A mother who's fallen on hard times says she’s living in her own personal hell. First it was roaches, now she's dealing with a leaky roof which is causing additional issues around the home. 

“That’s exactly what it is. Hell. Pure hell,” Holly Jones told FOX 46. 

You might remember FOX 46 told you about this story back in April: Jones signed a lease about a month ago not knowing the house she's renting is infested with roaches. 

Things haven’t gotten much better for Jones, and her pleas to her rental company for help have apparently fallen on deaf ears.  She says the only correspondence she’s gotten has been through mail. 

“Through letters. No text message, no phone, no nothing."

When we stopped by the house off West Norment avenue Wednesday night the issues with pests, water damage and broken items were apparent. 

‘My windows are ridiculous. They pop out.” 

Jones lives in the house with her five month old, Ethan.

LINK: Gastonia mom finds rental home full of roaches, says landlord won't take action

The issues led us to look for some answers for ourselves. FOX 46 called and left a message with the house's owner, but have gotten no response. So, we went by their business address in Gastonia. No one was there.

Jones is now facing eviction within the next month. She showed us the letters, which alleged her babysitter was actually living at the house and that she wasn't paying the rent, something she disputes.

She says this was supposed to be a better option for her and her son, but with sinking ceilings and floors, the move was a bust for her. 

“This is what you get when you go to Ramsey Property. They don't do nothing.” 

A FOX 46 viewer came forward to help Jones with her roach problem after seeing our story, but she says it will take a bigger effort to make the house pest free. 

As for Ramsey Properties, they have an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau.