Gaston County woman finds used needles in front yard

A Gaston County woman says she made a shocking discovery in her front yard on Christmas day. 

Nearly a dozen needles were in a plastic bag, in the area where she says children normally play. She says it's dangerous and disgusting and is warning others in the neighborhood to be on the lookout. 

"Right here. All scattered right here. Right here is where I usually put the trash and right here is where they were all laying kind of up the hill and down the hill," Christy Deese told FOX 46. 

Deese says she was shaken by the discovery, right on her own property. 

"Disturbed, bothered. It's not a very good Christmas to walk up on."  

Deese says children play in the neighborhood and people walk their dogs. She posted about the discovery on facebook to warn neighbors.

"I don't really care who they belonged to or why. I just feel like there's a proper way to dispose of them instead of on the ground." 

FOX 46 reached out to local authorities asking what to do if in this situation. Police suggest contacting your local pharmacy for instructions and also disposing of needles in sharp containers.

Deese says she hopes she never finds something like that in her neighborhood again. 

"Just try to find a better way to dispose of them," Deese said. 

Thankfully, no one was hurt because these needles were picked up by police, but Deese says there could've been a much different outcome with children around.