Gaston County woman grateful after escaping home crushed by tree

Clean-up is just getting started after strong winds knocked down trees as well as power lines across the Charlotte area. 

On Redland Drive in Gaston County, the house that Carolyn Barrow has called home for 42 years was destroyed by a fallen tree. It slammed right into her kitchen, and all the way across the street.

“I really didn't see nothing.  All I saw was that it got really dark, and everything was falling in my face, and was caught up in the situation that happened,” Barrow told FOX 46. 

She was one of two people that were inside the home, and was briefly trapped after the tree came down. 

“I didn't think this thing would ever fall,” she said. 

But it did, and with a boom that neighbors could not ignore.

“I heard a boom, and I was so close to the tree,” neighbor Mesiah Thomas said. 

This all happened after a brief storm made its way through the Charlotte area on Friday.

“She was hollering and we were trying to get her out. It was scary. It was scary,” said Shannon Leach. 

Her neighbors jumped into action, ready to help out.

“I heard a woman screaming, and I was all 'I’ve got to get in and help this woman,” Jay Lipscomb said.

The Red Cross is helping Barrow, but when we talked with her tonight, she was still trying to figure out her next step.

“I can’t believe what happened. I really can’t.” 

Despite the damage, Barrow is grateful, and says she feels lucky she wasn’t hurt. 

“God is good because if I had been in the kitchen, I probably would've been dead,’ she said.