Gastonia man gets naked, attacks church members during Sunday service, pastor says

A Gastonia man left a Sunday church service in handcuffs after he reportedly stripped down naked and charged the pulpit.

Pastor Scottie Cochran told FOX 46 Christopher Gossage was new to the church, His Frontline Ministry, and this was unexpected.

"He’s been with us for about two months. Very respectful guy. I always thought a lot about him. He’s come in and been fruitful," Cochran said. 

The pastor says Gossage claimed to have "gotten the spirit" before taking off his clothes and becoming aggressive.

"[I] grabbed him by his hand here and the back of his neck. I rushed him through the sanctuary and through the back door," Cochran said. 

Cochran said Gossage was aggressive as members of the congregation tried to calm him down. Cochran says his security team called police after he continued to act out of character.

"We got him to his truck and told him to please leave and he would not leave. He stripped his clothes off all the way down to nothing. He started to attack some of our members."

Cochran says although the incident caught him off guard, he’s taking matters seriously and protecting his church. 

"The world is so corruptive that you don’t know what’s going to happen. If you’re in a grocery store or a Walmart, you don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s terrible it happened in a church. It can happen anywhere."

Thankfully no one was seriously injured in this situation although one man did suffer minor injuries to the face. 

Cochran says police will be on duty at the church for the next month.