Gastonia man lost legs in horrific crash, now someone stole his wheelchair

“I feel like I’m cursed.” 

Some say it’s a miracle Timothy Medlin is alive, but after someone stole his wheelchair, he doesn’t feel so lucky. 

“It don’t make no sense. I can’t imagine someone stealing someone’s wheel chair.” 

On Thursday afternoon, the Gastonia neighbor went to the store, leaving the brand new wheelchair in the driveway on Rankin Ave. But when he came back, the brand new wheelchair costing hundreds of dollars, was gone. 

“All my life has been a fight.” 

Four years ago, Medlin was the driver in a horrific car accident on Interstate 85 near exit 17 with seven people in the car. Investigators say speed was a factor. Two passengers were tossed out of the car and sustained minor injuries after the car went through a guard rail and flipped over. One of Medlin’s legs was cut off when the car smashed into the guard rail. 

“My other one I had to rip off because the little girl in the back seat needed help because the car was on fire.”

Medlin says he saved a little girl who was trapped by busting through a window and ripping off his other leg to get her out before an explosion. 

“Actually I didn’t even really feel it, too much adrenaline.” He was unconscious and in a coma for six days. After he flat-lined on the operation table twice, doctors and his family almost gave up. Then he fought for his life. “I just jumped up took a big breath and the doctor said I scared the crap out of him.”
Medline had to teach himself how to walk again: “After several falls, finally found my footing.” 

He says his prosthetic legs can be painful with blisters: “I get blisters on them and stuff so I have to take them off them and stuff as soon as I come home. Then I use the wheelchair around the house.” 
Half his disability check when towards the wheelchair, that someone stole out of his driveway.

Now he needs neighbors to get results and help him find whoever did this. “If there was some reason bad enough that they had to take that wheel chair, then I hope it’s used for good and not drugs.”