Gastonia mom finds rental home full of roaches, says landlord won't take action

A young mother says she's essentially being forced to sleep in her car with her child after discovering the home she just started renting is full of roaches. 

Holly Jones told FOX 46 she did the walk-through of the place and everything looked fine, but within an hour of her moving in the roaches ran rampant.

You don't have to go inside to see the problem at the house on West Norment Avenue in Gastonia.

FOX 46 cameras caught three roaches just on the way in, and roaches in every room of the house.

“Someone told me about this home, $775 a month for a three bedroom. I was 'okay is it available?' 'Yes it is,’” Jones said. 

Jones says she was looking for a home for her and her five-month-old. The house had no fridge, no stove, no carpet, but she signed the lease. 

“I went to Walmart and got some burners, and when I started cooking...’hey, we're here!’ A bunch of roaches…  dozens, more than a hundred,” said Jones. 

And they weren’t just in the kitchen.

“Every room in this house is corroded with roaches. Top to bottom, left to right.” 

FOX 46 got a look at her lease, which says she's responsible for any pests that are found, but it is apparent that the roaches have been here for a while. 

Jones has only been there since Tuesday. She’s put out multiple bug bombs, and has sprayed, but the pests are still there. She says her landlord provided her bug spray, which also hasn't worked.

“He’s not answering phone calls. He's not talking to anybody on the phone,” she says. 

Jones signed the lease with Ramsey Properties in Gastonia. FOX 46 reached out as well, but they didn't answer. We left a voicemail.    

The Better Business Bureau says the company is not accredited, and has an 'F' rating with complaints similar to Jones's.

Jones herself hasn't had the chance to move in, and now she wants out.

“At this point, I want my money back I gave to him and I want my money back for the bombs and stuff I had to pay to get rid of these things.” 

We have yet to hear from the property company that's leasing out the home.