Gastonia mom says son was suspended after finding bullets on school grounds

A Gastonia mother is furious with the decision to suspend her 13-year-old son from school after he reportedly found bullets on school property.

Gaston County School representatives tell FOX 46 Charlotte students are not allowed to have bullets or other weapons on school grounds, or they will face suspension. A Gastonia mother says this case is different because her son didn’t bring bullets to school.

“I seriously take it personal. You can’t just do our kids like that,” said mother, Keisha Jenkins.

Jenkins arrived at Southwest Middle School Friday morning for a prearranged meeting with her 13-year-old sons teachers.

“During the meeting basically the teachers were bragging on how good Javis is, how he never gets in trouble. He is a very respectful kid,” said Jenkins.

But towards the end of that meeting, things took a turn. Jenkins was told her son was being suspended.

“Being called in to lunch Javis was showing some friends some bullets and I was like where did you get bullets from,” said Jenkins.

According to her son a bullet and shell casing were found in a field on school property that students were playing in.

In a letter given to Keisha Jenkins, the school says a metal detector went off when her son was returning to class. Jenkins says the metal detector didn’t go off when she dropped off her son off Friday morning.

Now she worries what the suspension for weapons could do to her sons future schooling.

“In the words of the teacher we are never going to find out what really happened so we are just going to give him a 3 day suspension. I mean, I am just not agreeable with it,” said Jenkins.

Jenkins says her son is autistic and may not have realized the severity of the items he found, so he didn’t go to a teacher right away. She plans to take her concerns to the school board.