Gastonia veteran launches blog to help share story

A veteran in Gastonia hopes by sharing her story, she can shine a light on battles that go beyond the front lines of combat.

Nicole Meier is launching a blog to help others going through tough times.

She joined the Air Force and was excited about the journey.

But it’s what happened the next five years that left her both emotionally and physically scarred.

Meier was physically abused by someone close to her.

On top of that, she’s had on-going medical problems without getting much help.

Rather than letting her downfalls keep her down,  Meier is starting a blog called “A Veteran’s Story” to share her life experiences with others willing to read and respond.

“I just want to help veterans realize that your health care is your life. It’s your wellness. It’s your well-being. And the only person that has a say in it, is you,” she said.

She says she never wants to feel hopeless again. Her blog will display her life experiences of surviving medical problems and physical abuse to help others going through dark times.

Meier says she hopes to launch her blog in a few weeks.