Gastonia Wendy's worker who put 'Chubby' on customer receipt fired

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A Wendy's employee accused of calling a Gaston County man "Chubby" on an order has been fired.

Carolina Restaurant Group issued a statement Tuesday that says they apologized to customer Jimmy Shue and terminated the employee, whose identity hasn't been released.

Shue says he went to the Gastonia restaurant this month and ordered two sandwiches, providing the cashier with his name "clear as day."

He says he then noticed the receipt listed his name as "Chubby," which he says was an attempt to make fun of his weight. He says another employee then hesitantly called out "Chubby" to alert him the order was ready and restaurant patrons laughed.

"I understand it's a name, but to me, it's harassment and it's discrimination. Because I'm overweight you're going to put chubby on my receipt?" Shue said.  "Other customers were smirking and laughing because they heard it."

Social media has made the situation worse. Shue claims the former cashier responsible has posted comments like: "he just mad cause he got embarrassed, idc."

Shue says non of the higher ups at Wendy's have reached out to him personally and that he only learned of the employee's firing through the media.

"They need to write a letter of apology from the corporate office."