Get results: Report potholes in the Queen City to NCDOT

FOX 46 Charlotte is getting results for drivers by helping you report potholes to get them fixed.

We posted on the FOX 46 Charlotte Facebook page hoping to get your answers: “Pothole Patrol: Where have you seen problem areas? Let us know.”

Drivers responded with dozens of locations. Jeff Charles said “Rea Road Old Providence area.”

FOX 46 Charlotte went to that location Friday and found crews patching potholes near that exact spot on Rea Road in south Charlotte right outside the Chadwyck neighborhood.

“That’s great, if they want to know where they are, we will call and tell them,” said Ronald Norman, who lives in Harrisburg.

"I’ve seen potholes and you hope you’ve got enough time to avoid them if you don’t, you kind of cringe and hope it doesn’t blow your tire out or something like that," he said.

FOX 46 Charlotte is getting results letting you know how to report a pothole.

There’s an online form through the NC DOT that lets you put in the location and even describe the severity of the pothole and where on the road it is.

In 2017, the DOT says almost 11,000 potholes were reported using the form.

Norman didn’t know about the DOT pothole reporting system. Lane didn’t either until we told him about it. Both say they would consider using it, getting results and making the roads safer for drivers.

“People might try to swerve and avoid a pothole and could cause other problems, so it’s important they fix them and get the things done out there.”